Illinois Concealed Carry License
Elmhurst, IL

Since 2013, Alpha Koncepts has been offering students Illinois Concealed Carry training classes. As one of the first approved instructors in Illinois, very few people have been doing it longer! Thomas Kral, the Chief Firearm Instructor, is the 45th approved instructor in Illinois and 13th in Cook County.  In addition, Thomas Kral is Managing Editor of the internet blog and keeps in-tune with the current events related to your gun rights in Illinois.  His passion is unparalleled.

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FOID Card NOT Required

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1 on 1 Instruction

Learn to be Safe Physically, Criminally and Civilly

You Won't be Singled Out

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Beginners Welcome

Guns Available For Use

2 Day Class

Learn Illinois Law

Get Your CCL

Not Boring

The typical student will require 16 hours of training before they may apply for their Illinois Concealed Carry license. However, some students may receive up to 8 hours of credit for prior training, as allowed by the Illinois State Police.  People eligible for the 8-hour credit include armed forces veterans, but must demonstrate proficiency with pistols.

Upcoming Illinois CCL Classes (Elmhurst)

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Illinois Concealed Carry License Class

Student Registration
149 Class Tuition (Per Student)

US Concealed Carry Association

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Class

  • Gun Rental and Ammo Available

    All calibers available, from .22 to .45 ACP. Prices may vary, depending upon current price of ammo.

  • Range Fees & Targets (included)

What to bring?

  • Good attitude
  • Pen
  • Pistol (If you have one)
  • 100 Rounds of ammunition (If you’re bringing your own pistol)
  • Close-toed shoes
  • Lunch
  • Water / Beverage
  • Snacks

No Experience?
No Problem!

Our class is perfect for those with limited experience.  Our specialty is working with new gun owners!

Topics Covered in CCL Class


Self-Defense Firearm Basics

Universal safety rules

Clearing a semi-automatic

Clearing a revolver

Defining a gun’s action

Understanding revolvers

Understanding semi-automatics

Modern, striker-fired handguns

Understanding magazines

Selecting a handgun

Ammunition components

Ammunition care and storage

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

Defensive Shooting versus marksmanship

Proper grip

Shooting platform

Aligning the muzzle to the target

Unsighted fire, point shooting

Flash sight picture

Sighted fire

Trigger control

The Legal Use of Force

Applying for your Michigan CPL

Defining the legal use of force

Defining reasonable force

Defining deadly force

Defining when reasonable force ends and deadly force begins

Detailed definitions of deadly force rules including scenarios

What prosecutors will want to know

Defending the home

Defending property

Michigan CPL reciprocity

Encounters with law enforcement

Civil liability

Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath

Understanding fight or flight

Effects of adrenaline and endorphines

Recognizing a threat

Issuing commands and evaluating options

When we’re left with no other choice

When the right to use deadly force ends

The immediate aftermath

Phone calls to make

When the police arrive

Statement to the police

During and after your arrest

Gear and Gadgets

Gear and gadgets introduction

Hip holsters

Paddle holsters

Pocket holsters

Inside the waistband holsters

Tactical flashlights

Gun safes and storage

Basic and Advanced Skills

Creating a training program

Dry firing

Fundamental drill discussion

Discussion of what’s next

Closing thoughts


Take visual test

Grade test as a group

Discuss why answers are correct or incorrect

Ensure student understanding

Practical Shooting

Fundamentals of marksmanship

1 on 1 coaching

Aimed shooting

Point shooting

Practicing safety fundamentals

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USCCA Instructor